“Chris” Rocky Road Fudge Cake

It was the favorite recipe of Bertha’s son. She used to prepared it once a year for Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.  Bertha named it “Chris’ Rocky Road Fudge Cake Recipe” and it is on pages 195-196 of the book.

One thing I have learned when it comes to cooking is that 2 people can have the exact ingredients and recipe but the results can be very different.

Enjoy this recipe. Bon appetite!

Rocky Road Fudge Cake Recipe. Click to download 

Easy and Healthy

For me cooking must be easy, fast and healthy.  I’ve learned to have a complete meal done each day in about 30 minutes max. I made my own version of recipes.

Today, I make Tabbouleh with quinoa instead of couscous. I added large pieces of chopped parsley and tomatoes.   Finely chopped onion, garlic clove, and a bit of jalapeno. Then, I added  olive oil, lemon juice, and salt.  This is a dish we can  accompany with a protein like chicken or fish and of course hummus. Measurements? Only for the quinoa. 1 part of quinoa / 2 parts of water. I add  a pinch of chicken bullion and olive. Bring it to boil, add quinoa, keep it uncovered until almost dry. Stir it up and cover. Lower heat to 2 for about 5 minutes. Turn it off and remove from the heat. Easy, Perfect and Crunchy.




Cheese Biscuits Vs. Cheese Ranch Style Biscuits. Yes, they’re different!

I was looking at some simple cheese biscuits recipe but I got two.  To me cheese is cheese. Bertha has a regular cheese biscuit recipe and the ranch version as well. 

My husband says that the Ranch Biscuits are delicious. I’m not friend of the Worcestershire sauce but I guess I can try and see.  I will update my post after I made them.

If you would like me to publish one of her recipes, please, write it in comments. I’ll do my best to upload it.

To see the two recipes, click in the link.  Cheese Biscuits pages 10-11