Bertha D. Reese. (May 12,1920 – Dec 16, 2010)

Bertha “Bea” was a graduate of Pacific School for Dental X-Ray Technicians and Assistants in San Francisco, Calif. Before retiring, she was employed at the Veterans Administration Dental Clinic in Los Angeles, Calif.
Bea was a veteran of World War II. She served in the U.S. Navy W.A.V.E.S., Medical/Dental Corps, Sand-point Naval Air Station in Seattle, Wash. She and the dental assistant staff members at the Dispensary Dental Clinic all were among the first contingent of W.A.V.E. volunteers to complete basic training at Hunter College in New York City. In commemoration of the occasion, then-first lady Eleanor Roosevelt honored the graduating class with a speech thanking the first contingent of volunteers.

She First got the passion for cooking as a child from her mom Amelia Toroni. When she left the country for city life as a young adult, to pursue a career in San Francisco, a copy of the family cookbook containing all her favorite recipes was tucked into her luggage before she left. Through the years, the well-used recipe book remained a faithful companion to her. She then, started her own.

Bertha never had the opportunity to publish her book. On the last day of her life, at the Good Samaritan nursing home in Arizona, she let us know about the book. To our surprise, when we saw it, we realized she wrote the book with such an incredible amount of detail in different folders, chapter by chapter from A to Z, all handwritten! We had no clue how to publish it. Then, we asked a few experts on the subject and they agree that we must publish this book just the way she did it. Handwritten!

Bertha dedicated her book to her mother Amelia Toroni.

The book is now a reality, to honor her life and effort.