An Original and Versatile Baking Recipe

Ranch House Baking Mix is an all purpose mix that will assist you in making biscuits, waffles, light tender crepes, cakes and many other foods that taste homemade. You can quickly make big ranch-style biscuits, tender muffins and rich shortcakes just like the ones country cooks served to hungry ranch crews, families and friends

The Ranch House Baking Mix is a hand written book by Bertha D. Reese, a WWII veteran.
Bertha, after many trials found the perfect baking mix recipe that turned out to be very versatile. She used it in all her 380 recipes. Her recipes are easy to follow, easy to do. 380 recipes! From breakfast to dinner and everything in between!

The book gives you the “How To” homemade cooking. Simple and easy to follow recipes with lots of tricks and options. As a great veteran, she put lots of details into this book. All recipes have an introduction about the many things that you can do with them, how to store, how to re-heat, what to do if your pan is iron, Teflon, or glass. She also gives recipes, according to common servings, so no math is necessary in many of them.

The book is now published to honor her. She did an amazing job deserving of every home where the passion for cooking is part of their life.

The books is available at

A portion of the royalty will be donated to help Women Veterans in need.

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